Welcome to the website of the Vegetarian Society of Richmond, Virginia!  We are here to support you in pursuing a healthy, compassionate, earth-friendly vegetarian lifestyle.  Whether you are a committed vegan or just trying out a few vegetarian dishes, you are welcome here!  See our events page for a list of upcoming events.  We hope to see you soon!

New Website For Richmond Area Vegans!

New Website For Richmond Area Vegans!

VeganRVA is a one-stop resource for vegans, including local events, recipes, clothing options, local restaurant listings, and more.  Check out this new website!

Cowspiracy Film Showing at Short Pump Regal Cinema.  Reserve Your Ticket Now!

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
Promoted by HumaneInvesting.com

Thursday, October 02 7:30PM - 9:01PM 

at Regal Short Pump Stadium 14 
11650 W Broad St, Richmond, VA, US, 23233 (map) 
$12.00 General 

Please reserve your ticket by Sept. 24!  A minimum number of ticket sales are needed for the event to take place!

Tickets and Information

Fiber Can Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk

High-fiber diets help reduce your risk of colorectal cancer, according to a review published this month in the Gastroenterology.

Researchers identified 20 studies which analyzed fiber intake and risk of colorectal polyps, precursors to colorectal cancer. Sources of fiber included vegetables, fruits, and grains. Those who consumed the most fiber had a 28 percent lower likelihood of developing colon polyps, compared with those who consumed the least fiber.

Additionally, every 10 grams of dietary fiber cut the likelihood of having a polyp by 9 percent. This review stresses the importance of knowing risk factors for cancer and the best practices for prevention.

Ben Q, Sun Y, Chai R, Qian A, Xu B, Yuan Y. Dietary fiber intake reduces risk of colorectal adenoma: a meta-analysis. Gastroenterology. 2014;146:689-699.