Welcome to the website of the Vegetarian Society of Richmond, Virginia!  We are here to support you in pursuing a healthy, compassionate, earth-friendly vegetarian lifestyle.  Whether you are a committed vegan or just trying out a few vegetarian dishes, you are welcome here!  See our events page for a list of upcoming events.  We hope to see you soon!


Indian Town Becomes World's First Vegetarian City

The town of Gujarat in India has instituted a ban on selling meat and eggs and the slaughter of animals within the city limits.  Jain monks went on a hunger srike to pressure the government to institute the ban.


Root Force Personal Training Offers Discount to VSR Members

Root Force provides personal training with an emphasis on a vegan diet.  They are now offering a 10% discount to VSR members in current standing.   See our discount page for additional information. 


New Website For Richmond Area Vegans!

New Website For Richmond Area Vegans!

VeganRVA is a one-stop resource for vegans, including local events, recipes, clothing options, local restaurant listings, and more.  Check out this new website!