Other Links

Other Links


Rainbow Farms Fertilizer

Offers an organic fertilizer made from mealworm castings, and free of blood meal, bone meal, or animal manures.

 Veganic Agriculture Network
Promoting plant-based farming and gardening throughout North America

 Veganic Gardening

 Brendan Brazier
Author of book on sports performance with vegan diet.

 Lori B's Vegetarian Soup Recipe
Spicy Vegetarian Kale-Noodle-Tofu Soup with Okra option

 Richmond Animal Rights
Richmond Animal Rights is a local group of activist who support animals and encourage people to not eat animals, not wear animals, and to not abuse animals. The goal is to try and stop as much animal suffering as possible.

Community serving as a clearinghouse for information on the Internet related to animal rights and welfare.

 Farmed Animal Net
Farmed Animal Net strives to be an objective, trustworthy source of academic and industry information for animal advocates, educators, researchers, the media, legislators, and others.

 Gyre Cleanup Project
The Environmental Cleanup Coalition (ECC) is an independent, non-profit group organizing the Gyre Cleanup Project. The Gyre Cleanup Project is a large scale ocean rescue mission focused on removing debris accumulating in the North Pacific Gyre, revit

 Dawn Watch
World animal news

 The Queen of Health
Nationally recognized health educator, guest of radio & TV, writer, nutrition consultant for physicians. Lectures for businesses, schools, organizations.
Member/speaker for Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine.

 Good Guide
GoodGuide provides the world's largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home.


 The Cancer Project
Promotes prevention and survival through nutrition education and research.

 Society for Integrative Oncology
A scientific forum for complementary therapies in cancer care.

The campaign to ban hydrogenated oils.

 Local Harvest
Find sources of organic food close to you. Farmer's markets, CSA's, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

 Forecast Earth
The Weather Channel's site for green issues.

Produces eco-friendly goods from waste products. Best of all, packages them in reused soda bottles and milk jugs. A great idea!

 United Poultry Concerns
Promotes compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.

 Diet and The Environment
"Meat Eating Environmentalist" - Not!


World Centric
Excellent selection of biodegradable, compostable products, including tableware, cutlery, and trash bags. Say goodbye to plastic bags!

 East Coast Greenway
Group developing a bike route along the east coast.

 The True Cost of Food

 Plants For a Future
The best edible plants for sustainable agriculture.

 Matt and Nat
Vegan fashion. Great handbags.

 Organic Athlete

 BikeWalk Virginia
BikeWalk Virginia is a not-for-profit corporation with a mission to
create a safer Virginia where Virginians practice safe biking and
walking and enjoy "complete streets."

 Environmental Working Group
EWG is a not-for-profit environmental research organization dedicated to improving public health and protecting the environment by reducing pollution in air, water and food.

 Food News
EWG's guide to safe foods.

 Nutrition MD
PCRM's new site for health care providers and individuals. Focuses on diet and health as preventative medicine.

 Doug Graham
Well known raw foodist and trainer of competitive athletes.

 Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Noted MD uses fasting and dietary interventions to reverse disease.

 Farm Sanctuary's Compassionate Commuities
Help individual activists and grassroots groups be as effective as possible in promoting vegan eating in your area.

 Plant Based Research