Vegetarian Food Resources

Vegetarian Food Resources

Cooking By Instinct
Easy Vegetarian Vegan Indo Fusion Jain Cooking. Also, see the facebook page

Easy and Healthy Vegan Recipes

An excellent page with a compilation of sites with vegan recipes.

Everyday Vegetarian Recipes
Good, simple home cooked vegetarian food. 

Family Meal Delivery
If you would like to have a family meal delivery service that offers healthy and organic food, NutriFit has what you need.

Virginia Gold Orchard

They grow fantastic oriental pears. Available by mail order.

Vegetarian Light
A vegetarian blog with excellent recipes, health, and fitness info.

Daily Vegetarian Recipes
Features a new vegetarian recipe each day.

 Happy Cow Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants

 Guide to vegetarian dining and groceries around the world. Thousands of listings

Vegan World

A resource for vegans. Recipes and Veg-friendly restaurants, chat, forums, blogs, local events, and product reviews.

Sunflower Farms
they ship sprouts

Super Sprouts
they grow sprouts

Veg Web
Vegan recipes and cooking tips.

RVA Vegan
Local vegan food vendor.

Yeshi's Natural Food
Local source for take-our vegan meals.

Green Polkadot Box
Green Polka Dot Box is a natural and organic buyers collective that makes healthy and GMO-free foods available for great prices, delivered straight to your door, anywhere in the United States.

Richmond Food Cooperative
The Richmond Food Co-op will be a member-owned full service grocery store providing affordable, local, sustainable and healthy food options. For details on our guiding principles and answers to frequently asked questions be sure to check out our About section.
We are currently recruiting our pioneering members to help shape our community. Our goal is to open our doors by fall 2013. For more information on how to become a pioneering member/owner visit our Join Now! page. It starts with you!

Vegetarian Warehouse
Great resource for vegetarian products

The Vegg
Vegan egg replacement

Vegan Mashup
Vegan cooking show on PBS

Captain Vegan
Search engine for thousands of vegan recipes (in 10 languages)