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Growing Wild: How to attract wildlife to your yard for beauty and benefit by Lance Gardner, B.S., M.S., PhD

  • Friend Meeting House 4500 Kensington Avenue Richmond, VA, 23221 United States (map)

7:00 p.m., lecture; 6:00 p.m., potluck supper

$3.00 for non-VSR members or join that night

Please bring a dish to share and label ingredients and your own place setting and beverage. Vegan preferable.

The presentation will concentrate on ways to attract and keep native wildlife, especially critters that can be beneficial to your landscape and gardens. Techniques will include the use of water and water features, habitat and cover, nesting sites, and vegetation. Limiting invasive species that can interfere with the natural functioning of your local environment, inhibiting natural balances and controls, will also be included. Examples of many beneficial animals will be shown, such as insects, spiders, snakes, skinks, toads, lizards and birds.

Lance Gardner has been gardening since he was 10 with degrees in chemistry, biology, oceanography, limnology and marine science, 15 years as a master gardener.

Gardner's Gardens

For information and reservations call 344-4356 or use the contact form .

Please bring your own place setting, serving utensil, beverage and recipe. Vegan preferable.